The Missing ” L “


August 29th 2011

Remember me telling you that all the initials of our names together spell balance in dutch but we were just missing the ” L ” and that I was asking you if you were absolutely sure you didn’t have a second name that started with an       ” L ” ? I know now why you don´t have a second name. The ” L ” that we are missing stands for love and we have to add that one ourselves. From the first moment we met I felt a deep love and harmonious energy flowing through me to you and back. It felt magical and I wanted to hold on to that forever. Instead of going with the natural flow, I held on tight to the thought of how things should be and with that our love turned conditional and a big fear popped up. The fear of losing you. There where fear dominates love can not flow freely. My biggest fear came true and you disappeared out of my life. They say you have to face your fears to make them go away and you know what… they are right. The fear indeed is gone and he took with him the hurt and the anger and now love is the only energy remaining. Unconditional and without limitations and restraints. I can finally add the ” L ” from Love instead of the ” F ” from of Fear.

You were and still are my greatest experience. I know in my heart that our book is not fully written and read yet.

Love your mind, body and soul with my whole mind, body and soul unconditionally and forever. ♥

- x -



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