Let Love Be Your Energy!


I have a book in my book case which is the second part of a series. It’s been there for almost 5 years now and I actually don’t know how this particular book found its way to my house. I know that when I was still together with my ex, we had the first part but I had never seen the second part before.  Anyway, about 2 months ago, this book caught my eye and I thought to myself: It’s too bad I don’t have the first book so that I could also read this one. Just as quick as the thought came, I let it go and went on with what I was doing. Two weeks later, the book thought still forgotten, I suddenly had this feeling I needed to go the second hand shop in our town. At this time my attention was focused on my trip to India and my Disney weekend with my son and I was actually expecting to find something there for me having to do with that. While browsing through the books they had there, I came across the entire Disney Encyclopedia but they didn’t pull me so much. Still India minded I looked further and I turned the corner and there I bumped into the book that I was missing from my personal library. The first part of the series. I was pretty amazed to stumble across that particular book, as you can imagine they have tons of shelves with unorganized books there. Later that evening when I started off in the book, I was even more amazed about the content of the book and the way it seemed to answer my questions I had been pondering over.  Remembering my initial thought about this book, it dawned on me that I had just consciously experienced the law of attraction in action.

After that realization, another creation experience arose in my mind. Last September, I was feeling a bit lost and lonely and I clearly stated in my mind: I have the need for some new connections in my life. My old behavior would have been to join some outdoor social activity, find some new contacts on the internet or something in that mode but I just had this inner knowing that the universe would supply me with something or somebody and that this would come to me naturally. So the thought was sent out into the universe and I was able to let it go. A few days later, I got up and while I was brushing my teeth, I had a thought about an old friend and colleague. This thought came out the blue into my mind, no prior thoughts before that or something that could link to her and I also noticed this at that moment. I arrived at work an hour later; I opened my facebook and the first thing I see is that she had placed a reaction to one of the videos I shared there the previous night. When seeing this, the famous goose bumps immediately appeared. We never had a really close relationship with each other and for a long time now there hadn’t been any interaction in our daily lives and facebook either. It all seemed a bit too coincidental to me and seeing I don’t believe in coincidence, I knew I had to do something with this situation. So I sent her an email and I openly wrote that I didn’t really know why I was emailing her and I explained the situation. After a few more emails back and forth, we discovered that we had one big similarity… we had both met our twinflame. I was astonished.  My wish had been granted!  I had attracted somebody who fully understood what I was going through because she was going through the exact same thing. This connection quickly led us into a beautiful and intimate friendship. I don’t think I can express my gratitude enough for this specific moment of creation and its aftermath.

While reliving these moments, situations in my life with a less pleasant outcome were also passing through my mind. It was these thoughts that led me to compare the different outcomes and by doing this, I was finally able to grasp the full truth and reach a clear understanding of this beautiful universal principle.  And you know what, it’s actually very easy to understand, the difficult part is to really believe it and live according to this principle because it is always applying. We are just not always conscious of it. I am now learning how to create my world together with the law of attraction and how to apply it consciously in my daily life to create the life I have always dreamed of. With this article I hope to inspire everybody who reads this to do the same.


When you start working with the law of attraction, there are some basic truths you have to take into consideration:


♥          Energy = MC2

Albert Einstein already explained to us with his famous formula that everything in our universe is actually energy.  Energy moves or flows in a wave pattern and these waves have different intensities and frequencies which gives them their own unique qualities and behavior. Your thoughts, feelings and body are a good example of energies with each a different frequency and intensity.  We could also call these energies mind-body-soul.

Thoughts are pure energy. They form your meta-physical body

Emotions are energy in motion. They form your non- physical body

Matter is the expression of creation. This forms your physical body

Every thought you have combined with every feeling you have, will attract something in your physical world and manifest itself according to that frequency you sent out.

The energy of the mind, body and soul aligned create the strongest outcome when working with the law of attraction.


♥          You either attract what you fear or what you love

Love and fear are our primal polarities here on earth. There is actually nothing else to choose from. They are our root emotions and all other feelings can be traced back to either one or the other. Love is the energy which expands and fear is the energy which contracts.

Love is the ultimate reality!

Here’s a list of our emotions to help you keep your consciousness in your heart instead of in your ego:


-          Joy – Wisdom – Empowerment – Freedom – Appreciation – Positive Expectation

-          Faith – Contentment – Peace – Compassion – Happiness – Forgiveness

-          Unity – Friendliness – Spiritualism – Now Orientated – Hopefulness – Optimism

-          Sharing – Enthusiasm  – Tolerance – Abundance – Acceptance  - Patience



-          Doubt – Anger – Jealousy – Revenge – Frustration-Boredom – Impatience – Guilt – Pride

-          Materialism – Past/Future Orientated – Intolerance – Judgmental – Power – Insecurity

-          Unworthiness – Separation – Disappointment  – Complaining – Greed

Like I said above, emotions are energy in motion and so they are the attracting force behind the law of creation. So how you are feeling determines the quality of the energy you are sending out.


♥             You can be, do and have whatever you can imagine

I know this sounds too good to be true, I had trouble getting this in my system too, but it is this simple truth and believe in it, that makes dreams come true. We have been programmed to downsize our thoughts. We are taught that if we expect the highest outcome possible, we will probably get disappointed, so we adjust our thoughts and feelings to what we think we can achieve and what we are worth instead of what we really want to achieve and are worthy of.  We also hold our selves back in this part of creation because most of us think with our minds instead of our hearts. Our mind sets boundaries because it will be focused on the how, when, where and what of the manifestation but in this we have to surrender to our sweet universe because this is her part in the creation process.

I advice you all  to drop the conditioned belief of seeing is believing and start accepting that it is the other way around. Believing is seeing!


♥             Everything happens for a reason

Everything in our universe exists for a particular reason. Everything has its purpose. There are no abnormalities, coincidences, accidents and junk parts in our universe. There are only mysteries and misunderstandings which we have not been able to figure out yet. Our universe is a perfectly orchestrated conscious energy where mistakes do not exist.

Just like it is no coincidence that you are reading this article now. You attracted it yourself into your world by some prior thought or feeling you sent out into the universe.


So now that we have covered some of the basic truths, we can now move on to the steps of the conscious creating process:


1.       Wish your Wish, Think your Thoughts.

Organize your thoughts and choose what you would like to do, have or be. When you have your wish or thought ready, speed ahead to the actual desired outcome and really try to visualize how you would feel if the desired outcome was already here. Hold on to this feeling as much as you can. With this you align your body so you are able to receive the matching energy you have attracted and manifest it in the physical plane.

Remember energy flows where the focus goes. If you focus on what you don’t want, the energy follows the thing you are focusing on and it will manifest whether you want it or not. To manifest the desired outcome more quickly, think, feel and speak as if it has already happened.


2.       Let go and Trust

Letting go means to not focus on the how, where, what and when. Don’t let go of your visualization and the feeling that goes with but just don’t let your ego take over the show. Trust me, it will want to. The ego loves control and feeds itself on fear. Don’t let yourself go there. This is where your faith and trust in the universe needs to be in place. Having a strong believe in the abundance of our universe, will help you keep your ego consciousness to a minimum.

If you are having a hard time staying in your heart consciousness, try and distract yourself. Do whatever it takes to return back to a state of love and full believe in the universe.  I was able to control my own ego thoughts by singing a song every time I noticed I was having them. Later on just saying lalalalala out loud, was already sufficient.



3.       Stay in the moment of Now

Make sure you stay grounded and focused in the now moment. Don’t live in the past, it doesn’t exist anymore and don’t live in the future, it is not here yet. We only have the moment of now. If you are not present in the moment of now, you will not be aware of the coincidences, repeated signs and synchronicities the universe will show you. Synchronicities and so called coincidences, is the universes way of saying: Pay attention!! Something is about to happen or an opportunity is revealing itself.

If a thought or idea seems to come into your awareness out of nowhere, follow it. This is your intuition guiding you to your desired outcome.



4.       Be Happy and Thankful

How can you not be happy, knowing your wish and dreams are on their way, ready to be manifested in the physical plane. By being happy and thankful, we are also showing that we truly understand the law of attraction and our universal principles. We now know that the law of attraction always applies, whether we are aware of it or not. So whatever situation we might be in, we have attracted and created it ourselves with our own thoughts, feelings and actions. If we don’t like what we see, we also know we have the ability to change it too. We just have to adjust our inner world and the outer world automatically follows. So there is actually nothing NOT to be happy about. And with an attitude of gratitude you are sending out thanks in advance for the desired outcome. In other words you are saying… I like this, give me more of this!



There’s nothing more to it. In theory it all sounds very simple but it will take some practice to really master this. We have been conditioned to think negative and it will feel strange at first, allowing yourself to think of the most positive outcome possible.

It seems that our ancestors, the aboriginals, were absolute masters of our universal principles. They believed the universe was a place of abundance. Every morning they would perform a ceremony and they would ask the universe what they needed or desired. They always expected that the desired would be granted to them. When the outcome did appear, it was always gratefully accepted and their appreciation would immediately be shown to the universe. When they would ask for something, it would always be formulated in this particular way: Only if it is good for me and of the highest essence of all life, everywhere. I would recommend all of you to do some additional reading on their culture and believes because it certainly helped me to understand how to apply this principle in real life.


One last tip for this conscious creating process: Start out with something small!

When you are beginning you will need to feed your confidence. Smaller wishes are easier to achieve and therefore quicker manifested into form. Once you start seeing, your wishes and dreams becoming true, your confidence and believe will automatically grow. When you are fully confident and you have had the conscious experience of the law of attraction in action, you will be able to create miracles.

Good luck to all you multi-dimensional beings out there. Let’s send out our magical thoughts of love into the universal web of energy so we can finally create the world we want to see!

♥ Namasté



~ Spread the Love ~


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