Introduction to the Enneagram


A while back I was in the library with a friend and I stumbled across a very interesting book. That book is called: “Het Enneagram voor jouw Persoonlijkheid “ written by Willem Jan van de Wetering.

That day at the library, I had no clue of the life changing experience I had stuffed into my backpack along with a bunch of other books. Two weeks it lied untouched in my bookshelf, before I decided to give it a go. Four pages along in the book and my glasses of that moment were already shattered. I started to realize that I had been playing a role a big part of my life due to situations that had occurred throughout my life. I learned that my reactions were coming from a defense mechanism I had developed over the years to avoid painful emotions and my own dark side. This book helped me gain a total different perspective of myself and the people around me and initialized my path to rediscovery of my true self. I do have to be honest with you, although it was such an eye opening book, it left me feeling confused and totally confronted with myself and my past. It was a pretty painful time but also very necessary. With the help of the exercises in the book, all the other info I gathered on the web, endless talks to good friends and an objective vision towards myself, I have managed to work through this confusion. I have obtained a far deeper comprehension of myself, my behavior and my underlying motives for my behavior. I have become more awake and aware and I am free in choosing my behavior instead of reacting automatically. Instead of feeling like life just overcomes you, I now feel like I create my life the way I want, free from fear and unconscious negative patterns. I have cleaned my glasses and now I have a much wider spectrum. My path is finally clear.

Because the enneagram model has been so helpful and clarifying for me, I thought it would be an interesting subject for the site. Hope you enjoy the info and remember: There are three things in life extremely hard: a diamond, steel and to know oneself.  Good luck to you all on your own spiritual paths.

The following posts are about the enneagram model:

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