The Nine Types of the Enneagram


Here we have a more detailed description of the nine types of the enneagram model. Click on one of the links to read about a specific type or scroll down the page to read them all.   The Perfectionist The Helper The Achiever The Romantic The Observer The Loyal Skeptic The Adventurer The Asserter The Peacemaker   1. The Perfectionist The ones are focused on perfection. They are realistic, conscious and live by their principles…♥.. Continue reading

The Enneagram Explained


What is an enneagram? An enneagram is a very old psychological model which you can use to discover and develop your true personality. It gives you a deep insight on your unconscious motivations for your behavior and why your behavior is so difficult to change. The enneagram lets you see your own dark side, the side you do not like to look at. This can be painful but the best way to get to know..♥.. Continue reading