Introduction to the Enneagram


  A while back I was in the library with a friend and I stumbled across a very interesting book. That book is called: “Het Enneagram voor jouw Persoonlijkheid “ written by Willem Jan van de Wetering. That day at the library, I had no clue of the life changing experience I had stuffed into my backpack along with a bunch of other books. Two weeks it lied untouched in my bookshelf, before I decided..♥.. Continue reading

Don’t be a Servant of your Ego!


Everybody is familiar with the word ego. Ego for most people means “I “ or “themselves”. For me the word ego means a social identity mechanism which exists only in our own heads. With this article I would like to share and explain this different approach towards the definition of the word ego. We share this planet with many other human beings. From the moment we are born, we are taught how to adapt to..♥.. Continue reading