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Establishing your Enneagram Type


  Here we have two tests which you can take to help you establish your own enneagram type:   1. Quick Enneagram Sorting Test ( QUEST )   2. Enneagram Self Test       Quick Enneagram Sorting Test Follow the instructions on the right hand side.     Group 1  A. I have tended to be fairly independent and assertive: I’ve felt that life works best when you meet it head-on. I set my..♥.. Continue reading

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The Nine Types of the Enneagram


Here we have a more detailed description of the nine types of the enneagram model. Click on one of the links to read about a specific type or scroll down the page to read them all.   The Perfectionist The Helper The Achiever The Romantic The Observer The Loyal Skeptic The Adventurer The Asserter The Peacemaker   1. The Perfectionist The ones are focused on perfection. They are realistic, conscious and live by their principles…♥.. Continue reading

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